Welcome to Blue 15 Marketing

The #1 Glassware Advertising Company!

Blue 15 Marketing is a leader in glass advertising and social networking! We produce and distribute glass advertising targeting social and active consumers with the ability and desire to improve their quality of life by purchasing your products. Our advertising and networking programs are designed to go directly after your targeted consumer, where branding your product is a luxury, call to action and purchase now is our goal.

Why Advertise?

Your ad becomes the centerpiece of the table and the topic of discussion for your target audience for 20-30 minutes at a time! 95% of patrons read the glass like they were studying for a test. Retaining the information as if it were tomorrows big exam!
Your business specialty is featured exclusively, with first rights on renewals and if you request to be added to other locations you can essentially corner the market. We help you eliminate the competition in the locations you advertise in. You become the “GO-TO” for your business specialty.
Your ad is front and center, in the hands of your exact target market every day, networking for you during every lunch, dinner, happy hour, sporting event party, social gathering, company meeting and holiday bash held at our participating establishments. You have a fun billboard working for you!
Our advertising media works on 4 levels – Glass Advertisement,  Mobile Website, QR Code Marketing, and Performance Analytics. We do all 4 for less than what you would normally spend for just one week in your local newspaper.

Why are we different? 

Because you get all this….

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Most Importantly…

we network everyday and every night for you, from the comfort of your home or while on vacation. You have your target audience in the confident hands of your Blue 15 Marketing sales associates, we provide the best possible advertising right into the hands of social and active consumers who not only want but need your products.

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